Not all beginners could get the chance to start in an NFL team and help a lot in the team. The first season for many players is a learning phase of their career. Though they have the tools or the skill that are needed for the game, they can still be relegated to the bench until they have demonstrated that they truly deserve to be an official player of the team. After the first jujur 4d , players who are going on their second year in the league are anticipated to show how they have been molded as a part of the team.

With that said, let us look at the crop of NFL sophomores that can make that huge step up in their game and help out their team get to the playoffs or win extra games than they did the previous year. Below are some of them but we can be sure that there are quite a few more sophomore aspirants for a breakout season.

Ras-I Dowling of the New England Patriots demonstrated a lot of promise back in college although he endured injuries. In the pros, he showed that he is certainly geared up as he beat out his competition and headed into the 2011 season as the started corner. In week 2 though, he suffered yet another injury against the chargers. His hip problem has been addressed during the season and the offseason. If he returns healthy for his sophomore season, Dowling could provide the Pats’ secondary a good boost.

Niles Paul of the Washington Redskins can also make his mark in the league this upcoming season. His prominent work-ethic has earned him a lot of praise last year and if he keeps on doing what he has been good at, things will only get better. His competition for the tight end spot in Washington is kind of rough but a bettor would surely choose Paul to start by next season’s start.

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